CEP-ASIA to Unveil New RGB-CW Panel Lights and UV-C LED Modules at GILE 2023

2023-06-20 11:32

CEP-ASIA, a leading lighting solutions provider in Asia Pacific, today announced its participation in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) to be held in March 2023. CEP-ASIA will showcase its latest LED product series including the RGB-CW directional panel lights, new high-power UV-C LED modules and low blue light products with high color rendering. As a leading lighting solutions provider in Asia Pacific, CEP-ASIA has been focusing on the R&D and innovation of LED lighting technology. The company has a highly integrated industrial chain and its products cover all aspects of lighting. At this GILE, CEP-ASIA will share with industry peers the latest technological developments and trends, and display the most representative new products from multiple product series.As the highlight at the show, the new generation of RGB-CW directional panel lights combine high-efficiency optical design and advanced addressable RGB-CW chips to provide ultra-high color saturation and color rendering. The UV-C LED modules adopt chips developed by Fujitsu with single-mode power up to 30W, and can be widely used in air purification and disinfection systems. The low blue light LEDs achieve high color rendering while significantly reducing the blue light component through special phosphors and optical structures, especially suitable for long-time use environments. CEP-ASIA believes that this exhibition will help to enhance the communication and understanding between industry peers and promote the development of LED lighting technology. CEP-ASIA also looks forward to cooperating with more companies in different fields and downstream customers to jointly promote innovation and change in LED lighting.